About Me

Its All About ME!!!

Welcome to my crazy life! 
This is my Family
Me, My Fiance, Kaiden my 6yr old, and little baby Liam.  He is 6days old in this picture but is now 1 year old. 
(not pictured is Grizzly our German Shepard Rottweiler, Mika our Mastiff Pit Bull, and Poseidon our 200lb full English Mastiff.)
Physical Education Teacher (yes im going to school right now)
Photographer (just to learn how to take good pictures for my blog)
Being a SAHM
Not enough hours in a Day
Kiki's Korner is a lifestyle blog where I share about my loves, family, food, crafts and just about anything else that strikes my fancy. From day to day, you’ll get anything from crafts and food to fitness and emotional health. It’s kind of a grab bag around here

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